Our Services and Unique Technology

At DeGeorge, we get creative and offer you choices. Tired of boring broom finished concrete? We can pour an awesome looking slate surface texture. Want color? We are Pinellas County's largest integrally colored concrete installers. If you are looking for a new driveway or patio you can choose from plain concrete, concrete with a Faux-Brick edging package, an exposed aggregate finish or even stamped and colored concrete. We can even color tint your concrete after we pour it with our new Hydro-Tint process. Learn more about these choices below or call us for more information.

Our Services

We are Pinellas County's Most Experienced Stamped Concrete Installers!

Stamped & Colored Concrete
This is a new and innovative paving system that goes beyond stamped concrete to deliver a more uniform surface with the 'grouted' joints so often desired but so difficult to achieve with other systems. This system allows the customer to participate in customizing their own job: 11 Masonry Patterns, 32 Color Choices, Textured Finishes, Two Border Sizes, Banded Edging, and "Flash Colors" create a wide variety of looks. View our Photo Gallery to see stamped concrete and colored concrete work in Clearwater Largo St Petersburg and Tampa area.

Colored Concrete is Our #1 Specialty!

Colored Concrete
After applying hundreds of pounds of dry shake color over the years, our crews are expert at creating the look of variegated stone in concrete. Now we also offer integrally colored concrete in which we add color directly into the concrete as it is being batched. From this point we can add architectural surface textures to your driveway or for a clean look, broom finish and picture frame the edges. This look is routinely specified by architects and general contractors. View our Photo Gallery to see colored concrete work in Clearwater Largo St Petersburg and Tampa area.

Standard Concrete
Typical concrete companies pour basic gray concrete, at DeGeorge we offer a variety of stylish, upgraded looks. We have Stamped brick edges and joints as well as offering a selection of surface textures such as granite and slate, as opposed to the traditional broom swept finish which can look ordinary. For an even more individual look, an address can be added in ceramic tiles. We can picture frame the edges in a variety of sizes. Any one of these upgrades can add tremendous appeal and unique style to your project. View our Photo Gallery to see standard concrete work in Clearwater Largo St Petersburg and Tampa area.

Faux-Brick packages
Transform a plain gray concrete project into a brick accented beauty. Using our new technique, we 'stamp' your choice of three masonry designs into the surface of freshly placed concrete. The bricks can also be colored. The effect is a permanent brick edging that can be applied across control joints and/or along the sides of your new driveway, walk or patio. Ask for a "Faux-Brick Package" by name.

Special Finishes & Logos
We can combine most of our driveway technologies to offer you an endless array of designer looks that improve the "curb appeal" of your home. Whenever color is added we recommend having it clear sealed with our durable acrylic sealer, which adds to washability of your new driveway surface and helps bring out the natural beauty of the colors. Finishes are available in Granite, Slate, Textured, Sea Shell or any combination for an exciting change from that plain old Broom finish. And best of all these finishes can be Colored and even Sealed making it completely impervious to most stains. Concrete never cleaned so easily. View our Photo Gallery to see concrete special finishes work in Clearwater Largo St Petersburg and Tampa area.

This is an after-the-fact method of coloring concrete. This is NOT a painted concrete look. Hydro-Tint is a translucent coloring system which gives concrete a dazzling 3 dimensional appearance. Manufactured to be weather and ultraviolet resistant and when combined with our Clear Acrylic Sealer, you get a finish that is stunning as well as durable. 27 colors are currently available. Ask for Hydro-Tint by name. View our Photo Gallery to see hydro-tint concrete work in Clearwater Largo St Petersburg and Tampa area.

Our Unique Technology

DeGeorge combines innovative methods and advanced technologies.

Did You Know?

Wire mesh does not reinforce concrete. It's true. All wire mesh does in concrete is hold the concrete together when it cracks. We at DeGeorge want our concrete to be reinforced to suppress cracking. That is why all applications include Nycon® Fiber reinforcement.

A DeGeorge stamped & colored concrete driveway is a structural 4"-6" thick on-grade slab, which is then poured in place and stamped. Our colors and patterns are achieved by imprinting them into the fresh concrete as it is being poured. When the process hardens, your drive is "set in concrete".

Weeds do not grow in stamped concrete. That is a big plus!

Stamped and colored concrete is sealed. The thing people love most about our driveways is that they are sealed with 3 coats of clear sealer, which makes them extremely stain resistant and washable.

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