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"Tired Look Could Hurt Gulf Beaches": St Petersburg Times November 11, 1999
"A Driveway To Dye For": Tampa Tribune August 12, 2006
Bethel Presbyterian Church
Nan Martin & Ruth Van Gemert
Largo, FL

"We would like you to know how much we all like the job that your company has done for us. This is the second time DeGeorge Company has done a job for us, and both times you have done your work professionally, exactly on time, and actually, before time. It was either done when you said you would do it, or done before. There was no waiting around or wondering when something would happen. And you communicated very well with us. We never had a problem hearing from you; and that is extremely important in keeping our trust.

Our little church is very satisfied with you and your company, and certainly would recommend you to anyone who asked."
Joe Dunlap
Clearwater, FL

"It had long been my belief that a driveway was that thing upon which old automobiles were supposed to drip their vital fluids. Though accepting of this notion for many years, my wife was suddenly -- and unexpectedly -- seized with the idea that our driveway was unsightly. Her revelation led to: (1) The Yellow Pages, (2) failure to locate DeGeorge Plaza on the first couple of passes, (3) Jack Schneider, and (4) my initial reaction that tearing up the old driveway was an act of insanity. I had thought a little paint might make the problem go away.

As you know, reason -- and my wife -- ultimately prevailed. And we are both very pleased. The driveway looks great, and my lifelong opposition to grass has been fulfilled in a grand style.

Seriously, Phil, you and your people did a fine job. We were impressed with the commitments to excellence that were apparent in all your crew. At one point, I said to Dave that his occupation was "hard work." He replied, "Yes, but it's honest work. And it's work you can look at at the end of the day and feel good about." Pride in a job well done is a pleasure to encounter.

Please feel free to use us -- and our driveway -- as a reference."
Capt. Craig J. Severson
St. Petersburg, FL

"I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the advice, workmanship, and professionalism from you and your employees during the installation of my new driveway, pool deck, and patio.

Your workmanship is fantastic; the quality is perfect and the care given by all of your "concrete technicians" is . . . to say the least . . . not common. Your guys did a wonderful job and have exceptional customer service skills. They actually work as if it were their own driveway.

I never write letters of satisfaction, but in your case, your company is the exception. I can honestly tell you that from now on, I wouldn't dream of using any other concrete or driveway company. I offer this letter as an open testimonial to the quality of your service.

Good luck and I truly look forward to doing business again in the future. Again, say "Thanks" to your guys for me. They bend over backwards to please your customers!"
Jamie Ferrazano
Clearwater, FL

"My name is Jamie Ferrazano and I currently had my driveway extended by your company. I would like to thank you firstly for the great job you did on my extension. It turned out very well and because of that I have since referred you to a family friend. Secondly, and most importantly, I would like to thank your crew for exhibiting their professionalism and patience when working with my many job site problems. You subcontractor Don actually waited with me for several hours while a third party company attempted to de-root the area for a second time. When your crew showed up I thought that they might be upset for having to wait around for someone else to finish their job. Instead, they were very empathetic to my situation. Don, Mike, John and Ben are assets to your business and I thought you should know that they are representing you well. Thanks again for a job well done."
Domenic T. Mason / Macaione
Clearwater Beach, FL

"Thank you for the nice job, I will be sure to call DeGeorge Company for any future work to be done."
Eric Johnsen
Seminole, FL

"Just a quick note to say "thank you". My new circular driveway and rear room floor turned out better than expected.

The entire process, from meeting John Farr for an estimate, to working with Phil, your foreman John and entire crew during the installation, was a pleasant one. You are to be commended for having a friendly yet very professional staff."
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